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I got tagged by the ever adorable :iconwinter-candy:


1)Pick 2-10 characters in a relationship
2) Don't change the questions
3) Let your OC's answer, not you (roleplay it if you wish)
4) Tag 5-10 people to do the meme (if you want)
5)Have fun!


1. Cecilio Venzotti
2. Dias 'Des Muertos' Carmen (SHSL Artista)/ Cori Blade (SHSL Knife Thrower/ Killer)
3. DJ Klutz/ Dieter Svartz (SHSL DJ)
4. Connor Connlyn
5. Zanzan
6. Kanny
7. Topaz Stemma
8. Deider Haadbeck
9. Tigerbite
10. Night Shade


1. First, who are you, your age and your species?
Cecilio: Ah, my name is Cecilio Venzotti, I'm 22 and I'm human 
Dias: *she fiddles with her dress, blushing gently* H-Hola, m-me llamo D-D-Dias C-Carmen, y t-tengo 17 anos.....[H-Hello, m-my name is D-D-Dias C-Carmen,and I-I'm 17] I-I'm p-pretty sure I'm human.......Well...I'm technically dead, but...not??......I'm so sorry, I'm being so c-confusing!!! *she babbles out*
Klutz: *bursts in wearing his large fox helmet, The Fox baring from his speakers* SUP BITCHES, I'M DJ KLUTZ *He exclaims. That is enough information apparently*
Connor: Connor Connlyn. 16. Human. *He states, his tone deadpan*
Zanzan: Guten Tag, I'm Zanzan, I'm 27 and I'm a ghost puppet.
Kanny: Yo! *He waves excitably* I'm Kanny!! I'm 26 and, as my big bruder says, I'm also a ghost puppet!
Topaz: I'm Topaz Stemma, I am currently 17 and I'm a meister. I'm also banging the cutest girl in class though I don;t believe that was one of the questions.
All: .......................................................................
Deider: ....Yeah.....*Shakes his head* Anyway, my name's Deider Haadbeck, I'm 22 and I'm pretty sure I'm human
Tigerbite: Wassap, I'm the great white demon Tigerbite, you can call me Tiger, and I'm well old, but in my demon years, I'm only like, 19
Night: *He waves and stuffs his hands in his pockets* Hi, I'm Night Shade, I'm an 18 year old pureblood wizard

2. Now you've introduced yourself, who is your partner, their age, and their species.
Cecilio: Her name's Amelia Sondra-Venzotti, she's the same age as me, only 5 months apart, and she's my angel
 <3<3<3 *He says with an adoring blush*
Dias: *She blushes bright red* W-well, I-I'm in a sort of p-polyamorous r-relationship..... m-my first boyfriend's name is B-Bram Wright, h-he's 18 and he's human. M-my second boyfriend's name is F-Flynn Donnell a-and he's 17, he's a-also human.......they're both dead like me but....oh, I c-can't deal with t-this pressure...*She tears up a little*
Klutz: His name's Eli Pichai, he's 17 (I think) and he's the light of my life <3.....and much like the little lady before us, we're also very dead-alive...
Connor: *Still deadpan, but with a noted blush* Sophia Cervantes. 15. Aristocrat Vampire.
Zanzan: Her name's Tracy and she's 25. She's my gorgeous lil ragdoll <3<3 *He grins like the big dork he is*
Kanny: *Sighing lovingly, he places a hand on his cheek* His name is Sky <3 He's my sweet lil cat plush he's 21 and he's the mother of our little daughter Krista <3
Topaz: Her name's Jade Dana, she's my 16 year old weapon, my partner in combat and in bed~ *wink wonk*
Deider: Chesnut Alira, she's 21. She's human, but a demon in the sack~ *wiggles eyebrows*
Tigerbite: Her name's Coco and she's my sexy little deer demon <3 Oh man, jus thinkin' about her makes me wanna- *The rest of this statement has been censored due to inappropriate content, sexual themes and a few 'sexual moves' which are highly illegal in many countries*
Night: Sun Seto is her name, she's a 16 year old half-witch. She's so beautiful *He sighs happily*

3. What makes your partner special to you?
Cecilio: She's so strong and determined, she did so much on her own for little Melissa even before we got married. I amdire her so much <3
Dias: B-Bram was my f-f-first love....I f-fell for him s-so hard......And F-Flynn's just as important to me n-now.....T-they're so brave and s-strong...I w-want to be just l-like them...*She manages a weak smile, with a blush*
Klutz: Eli's The One. He's my soulmate, the one thing I spent my life lookin' for. *cue a dorky smile and a little shy shuffle*
Connor: ...............She makes me feel whole again. *His deadpan tone and poker face do not change*
Zanzan: Her soft touch and her sweet personality makes my heart race. And she's such a cutie when she's being mischievious <3
Kanny: Sky's my pride and joy, he and our Krista light up my life *He smiles sweetly down at the floor, a bush racing across his face*
Topaz: Jade's the only one who accepted me, even after I told her all my secrets. I love her so much
Deider: Ches is special. She's not just a shallow whore like most girls I'm forced to be around. She's my Ches, and I don't want anybody else <3
Tigerbite: She's my sexy lil deer <3 *He grins* Coco's a babe, she's got a great mind as well as a gret body. And her personality is hella sweet  <3
Night: *blushes and fidgets with his hands* ......She's my first proper crush...and now we're dating and in love........*Smiles*

4. Aw that's so sweet! So, have you ever been suspicious of your partner?
Cecilio: Never, I tryst Amelia with all my heart and soul <3
Dias: I...I k-know Flynn has a b-bit of a r-r-reputation i-in the ....s-sexual area.....but I t-trust him and Bram with my life!
Klutz: Nope, Eli ain't the type ta cheat or nothin'!
Connor: Never.
Zanzan: Not at all.
Kanny: Never! My Sky is pure and true!
Topaz: I had my doubts in the past. But not anymore
Deider: There are times when I worry.....*He bites his lip*.......but I know she loves me..
Tigerbite: Nah. Coco's my girl, and I ain't the type to be suspicious
Night: ....Sometimes....I get depressed and I think to myself....and wonder if she's just settling for me......but then I remember how much she says she loves me, and I forget all my worries...

5. Lets move now...Have you used any pick-up lines with your partner? If yes, say which ones.
Cecilio: If you were a watch, you'd be a broken one: because you're timeless <3
Dias: *she faints from the pressure, Cori emrging, a chuckle resounding* Violence is red, rose are blue, this palette knife's my love, let me stick it in you~! *She's then doused with cold water and returns to being Dias*
Klutz: I'm gonna rock your body so hard you'll feel the bass <3 *wink wonk*
Connor: *he gives an almost scary glare* ..............What's a pick-up line?
Zanzan: Lemme patch up your heart <3
Kanny: You've got me in stitches <3
Topaz: You must be a shower, cuz you've got me wet~
Deider: If you were a math test, I'd work out all your angles~ <3
Tigerbite: If I was your homework, I'd be hard and you'd be doing me on a desk <3<3<3
Night: Your name's Sun, because you're the light of my life <3

6. So what's the most embarrassing moment you've shared with your partner?
Cecilio: I, uh....I guess that couple who walked in on us on our wedding night got uh....more than they bargained for......*blush central, all aboard*
Dias: I-I guess t-t-the t-time we got d-drunk and played s-s-strip p-poker....*blush*
Klutz: Probably the time we fucked in the showers and my lil buddy Rasta saw us. Poor lil snake got the fright of his life...
Connor: .......
Zanzan: Maybe the time I burn the toast and had to chuck it out the window before she got home, whoops
Kanny: I'd have to say, it must be the day we met, Tracy rubbed Sky's ears to make him moan and lemme tall you, tat is the hardest boner I've had to hide in a LOOOOONG time.
Topaz: Can't think of one....
Deider: I dunno, I guess we're just not embarassing people?...
Tigerbite: Pfff, I guess one time my bros got embarassed when they walked in on us but hey, exhibitionism is my forte~
Night:  *giggles to himself too much to answer*

7. Oh I see...So, do you believe in sex after marriage?
Cecilio: Si :3
Dias: N-nope....*goes bright red*
Klutz: Hell naw, dawg <3
Connor: .....I refuse to answer that *blush*
Zanzan: Nope <3
Kanny: Heck no <3
Topaz: *shakes head, blowing a bubble and popping it*
Deider: No...
Tigerbite: Are you fuckin kiddin me?
Night: Not really *blush*

8. Interesting...Now do you have any sexual desires you would like to try with your partner? If yes, what is it?
Cecilio: ......*goes bright red*......*mumbles* b-bondage.....
Dias: *shyly* I...I t-think we've done m-most s-sexual things t-together already.....
Klutz: *drools as he thinks of all the stuff he wants to do to Eli*
Connor: *face is deep red, pokerface doesn't change* .....
Zanzan: *bites his lip* ....Bondage <3
Kanny: I wanna do it ALL with my Sky <3
Topaz: *drones out lots of sexual moves and kinks*
Deider: *stays quiet, blushing*
Tigerbite: *Takes out a scroll*
Night: *mumbles quietly*.....S&M.......

9. Okay, now what really turns you on?
Cecilio: Everything she does :3
Dias: *bright red* N-neck kisses....
Klutz: When he touches my tattoos <3
Connor: ......Her fangs. *poker face*
Zanzan: Hahahaahahahaaha no.
Kanny: ......*stays quiet*
Topaz: *glares*
Deider: *blushes* ......The way she....moves.....*goes redder*
Tigerbite: How long have ya got?
Night: *lies on the floor, blushing*

10. Enough with that. So may I ask, do you know what your partners weak-point is? Does he/she know yours?
Cecilio: I'm sure she knows mine, I.....I'm not very good at tha stuff so...yeah ^^"
Dias: T-they do....b-but I know theirs t-too...<3
Klutz: Oh yes~ *chuckles* Not yet, he doesn't~ <3
Connor: *remains stoic*
Zanzan: *blushes*
Kanny: Oh I KNOW his <3 *whispers* Sky himself is my weak point <3
Topaz: *nods* Yep and yep
Deider: She likes to think I don't know hers, but I do~ <3
Tigerbite: Oh fuck yes~ *pervy thoughts*
Night: I'm s-still figuring all that stuff out to be honest....

11. What if you caught your partner with another man/women? Would you instantly assume that he/she is cheating on you or would you consider them friends? What would happen?
Cecilio: I trust Amelia, I know she wouldn't cheat or anything!
Dias: I..I know Flynn flirts alot.....I....I'm used to that..but um......I know they l-love me and w-wouldn't cheat....
Klutz: If I caught any dirty rotten sons of bitches tryin' ta chat-up my Eli,...*Cocks gun*
Connor: *gives a scary glare that could curdle milk*
Zanzan: I'd make sure NO ONE got near my Tracy.....
Kanny: I'd fight off anyone who dared try and hit on my Sky! And I'd never cheat on him either! *serious* ....It breaks my heart to see him cry....
Topaz: There would be gore of unimaginable amounts.
Deider: I'd.....*His expression drops*......Honestly...I'd probably end up crying all night on my own......
Tigerbite: Looks like I'd have to teach her a lesson *wink*
Night: *juggles his boxes of Weasley Products* Need you ask?

12. Is there any fantasy you wished for between you and your partner? We don't mind hearing perverted answers.

-OCs.EXE has crashed -

13. That's nice...So have you two had any fights between each other?
Cecilio: Not really, besides, I can't  win in a fight with her ^^'
Dias: W-we....we've had a lot...and I mean ALOT of problems b-before....but we a-always get b-by!
Klutz: We have lil sulkin' fits but we ain't really the types ta get inta big fights....
Connor: *remains quiet, does this boy ever speak?!*
Zanzan: I think we only ever had the one...
Kanny: Never, Sky's my perfect lil kitty <3
Topaz: 2 or 3, but we don't dwell on them...
Deider: It's natural for couples to fight a little.....God I hope it is....
Tigerbite: Yeah, jealousy is usually a problem, but the make-up sex is great~
Night: Just little tiffs.....nothing big....

14. Oh, I almost forgot to ask! How did you confess to your partner? Did he/she reject your feelings or accept them immediately?
Cecilio: Well, I was walking down the street, trying to find someplace to stay like usual, and then I bumped into this little girl. I panicked and asked if she was okay and she just stared up at me for about a minute before grinning and grabbing my hand. She dragged me back to her mother was love at first sight....*He smiles sweetly*
Dias: Me and B-Bram were in the garden....and....we made p-plans to go and s-see the world.....he was so sweet.....I got carried away and k-k-kissed him...*She blushes* Then h-he kissed me back! T-then things got a l-lil complicated I have Bram and Flynn <3
Klutz: We were standin' in the hallway and....I figured...hey, it's murder school, we might die any day now, I.....I confessed....and we...kissed <3 *He flushes a little, sighing at the memory*
Connor: *Stays quiet, a small smile spreading across his face as he looks down, before his usual expression returns*
Zanzan: Love at first sight <3
Kanny: Tracy and my bro introduced him to me <3
Topaz: Okay, here's what happened: She confessed after our like, tenth date, I had a fever, it might've looked like a blush but I ASSURE you I handled it VERY WELL,.....*blush*
Deider: Honestly....I liked her from the moment I laid eyes on her.......I...I hated the job my family left me I gathered my courage, got rid of the other girls and settled down with her....
Tigerbite: I saw her sunbathin' one day and I just *makes a "wow" gesture with his hands and mouths it as well*
Night: I asked her out at the Yule Ball, she looked so radiant and  angelic in that dress~ <3

15. How do you feel towards your partners family members? Do you even know them?
Cecilio: I don't have much family back home. Heck I didn't HAVE a home until I settled down with Amelia
Dias: I-I know Bram has a b-b-brother....and I t-think Flynn said he had a b-big family back home.......M-my family all hate me e-except my little b-brother...
Klutz: I had a half brother once....but uh, ta keep that in the past........Eli ain't told me much about his family right now...
Connor: *silent*
Zanzan: Our maker died a while back, and so did Tracy and Sky's
Kanny: Yep
Topaz: My parents are dead you insensative c*nt, and if you even DARE ask about Jade's, I'll- *censor*
Deider: My family is gone...all dead....... And Ches's family don't keep in contact...
Tigerbite: I got two brothers and I met Coco's mom and sis at a party. Kept grindin' on me like YOOOOOOOOOOO
Night: No, we haven't talked about either of our families really...

16. Since we are on the topic of family, do you two wish to start a family together?
Cecilio: We already have a family together,  I guess if Melissa was okay with it, Amelia and I could try for another child.....
Dias: W-we do....*blushy blushy*
Klutz: I guess a family might be kinda nice...
Connor: *silent, nods*
Zanzan: Yeah, we'd love to have our own lil baby some day..
Kanny: Sky and I already have a family with our little Krista <3
Topaz: I guess it'd be nice to have a family that breathes....
Deider: I...I'd really love that...<3
Tigerbite: Sure, that'd be hecka rad X)
Night: One day...*He smiles softly* One day, I'll give her a family and we'll live in happiness and comfort forever..

17. Alright, the meme is done! What will you do now?
Cecilio: I'm going to go get ready for a date with Amelia :3
Dias: I n-need to g-go and help the o-others explore the v-v-void....
Klutz: I gotta go hang with Eli, *puts on helmet again* DJ OUT <3
Connor: *silently leaves*
Zanzan: *goes to find Tracy*
Kanny: I gotta go play with Krista, she gets lonely when her daddy isn;t with her
Topaz: *already off to go and make out with Jade*
Deider: Thank god...*leaves lik a bullet out of a gun*
Tigerbite: See ya *goes to find Coco for*
Night: *diasppears in a puff of smoke*

I TAG ....................................................................................... Everyone.
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