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deviation in storage by bleuberry109

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- Dias Carmen: SHSL Artista
( - Cori Blade: SHSL Knife Thrower )
- DJ Klutz: SHSL DJ
- Kae: SHSL TV Idol
- Robyn Jackson: SHSL Nurse/Doctor
- Ben Marlboro: SHSL Surfer
- Joanna Jackson: SHSL Body Artist

Older OCs (that I might still use):

WIR: 2
Vampire Knight - 24
Soul Eater - 58
Hetalia - 19
HomeStuck - 27
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Harry Potter - 10
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Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler - 116
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Bleach - 4
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BewitchedDollHouse - 4
Panda OCs - 6
Naruto: 2
Olimpus MentalAsylum: 1
DC - 9
Jojo - 1

:iconrion-x: :
Marvel- Saria, Eddy (Shred), Kuromi, and Cobey (Crusher)
Terry Bear - China and Fing
Kamen Rider - Hotaru and Sena
Other - Ecta, Ringo and Yana
Random/ No-Fandom - 30


Base Rules:

:pokeball: You may edit/ gender bend (so you can make it hentai, yaoi or yuri if you wish) and frankendoll as long as you credit the part (s) you used.

:pokeball: Link back to me so I can see what your devious little minds have come up with :iconmhmplz:

:pokeball: You dun need to ask for use, just do it! :iconyeahplz:

:pokeball: Take your time, tis not a race.

:pokeball: Have FUN! :iconfunplz:


Something I wanna try by Rion-X
by Rion-X

The subject and the concept is emotive and easy enough to grasp yet also ambiguous enough to leave room for some speculation. The limit...

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So uh, I'm not dead! Woo.

For those who didn't know or who I didn't get around to replying to (apologise for that, shit has been REALLY hectic), I've been in and out of hospital the last year or so with Pancreatitis which in turn was caused by gall stones. Seriously, we don't even know what the fuck caused it, but woo boy it's not a pleasent thing AT ALL.

So yeah, I finally got my operation and my gall bladder is gone!
I can eat pizza again~~~~~ <3

So just a few more things, but 1) I am sore from the scars so don't expect me to be like, suddenly crazy active here, and 2) I have college this year and I'm in most days due to the hospital, so I can't always be online. Now I'm gonna go over some stuff that I NEED to get out of the way, then we can go to the happy stuff:

1) If you hae an RP with me, don't expect a reply every time, please. I get you might have favourite RPs with me and yeah, it'd suck not to ever get a reply to it, but I LITERALLY have over 50+ rps going on last time I counted, and even then I STILL try to reply. So please just bear this in mind.

2) If I say I don't want to RP another RP with you, especially if I have a good few already with you, either we're going to have to drop an rp or it's a no go. I'm sorry but I've been under a lot of emotional strain lately so please try and understand that.

3) Please don't expect me to make a lover/ sibling/ family member for your oc just out of the blue, I can't handle so many OCs anymore. Right now, I'm focusing on my Dangan Ronpa OCs, however, if I have an RP going with another fandom character then of course I'll still try and reply.

4) While my DR characters might be coming here from a previous RP group and such, that does NOT mean they're not keeping their respective partners from before. So if I say a character is off the shipping list, whether or not the owner of their partner is on DA or not, DO NOT TRY AND PUSH THEM INTO A PAIRING. DO THAT AND I /WILL/ STOP RPING WITH YOU COMPLETELY. I'm in no mindset nor mental state to deal with that shit AT ALL.

Okay so that's me had my little rant and stuff. But yeah, the important stuff;

What does me coming back mean for my page?

To be honest, I'm only coming back beecause there may be circumstances which lead me to do so. So tbh, my activity depends on certain things starting or not starting as the case may be. But yeah, essentially, I don't know how often i'll be online or how frequently, so if I don't reply to messages or anything, please don't go trying to hunt me down on Skype or Tumblr or anything, they're my refuges for when I want to get away from lots of things, so it's likely I'll be there trying to feel better or just for some Me Time if the day's been hellish.

~~~~~~~~~~~ As for things I'm doing /  part of: ~~~~~~~~~~~

If groups are still active, I will try and do whatever I'm able to participate.

As for Vampire Knight: Pact of Blood, it'll likely go no further. I'm sorry if your character never got their cameo or if you, like me, really REALLY wanted to see it finished, but I no longer have the inspiration to finish it. If you really want to know how it'd end and stuff, I still (somehow) remember the entire rest of the plotline as it would have gone so just p chat me and I'll give you the lowdown.

However, I MAY be starting a DR Read-Along-And-Roleplay Blog. What's that you ask? Basically, it's a set story based on an alternate DR Universe, based on one created by a friend and merged with my own. It'll read like an online story/ comic, but will have fllower input, as well as interactive characters, games and MULTIPLE ENDINGS~~~

It'll work like this: 3 endings, one Good, one True and one Bad. The story will play through once (with chances for followers to influence the story, explore the settings, learn about some mysteries, etc)and the ending that happens will be put down as the canonical ending to the story.

However, once that happens, there will be a chance for peeps to go back and get the other endings!

SO let's say, maybe the Bad Ending becomes the canonical, official one, I will put out the other endings so people can see how things /could/ have ended UwU

Now this is a BIG project, so I may need help (like, with backgrounds and such) and I will come to those hurdles when the time comes, but so far I have the basic story, almost all the characters needed including backstories, and the Mastermind and their Mole have been picked, so all that's needed is a few sprites (I'll handle) and other art!

Alrighty, that's it for me so far! It's good to be back, and I've really missed a whole load of you ;w;

Hasta la DESPAIR-

I mean

Hasta la Pasta uwu,

                            Fushigi-chan (Or Bri or Toasty if you prefer <3)


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Bri (Fushigi-chan / Toasty)
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Oh hey, look who got around to changing this old relic.

So uh, hey, it's me, Bri! Or Toasty works! Or Fu-chan/ Fushigi-chan if you still want uwu

I'm 19, Scottish, Polyamourus Novisexual (Pretty much, if I like you, regardless of sexual identity or gender, you're good)


Find me on:

Tumblr :


Currently in single and ready to pringle



Welp there goes any potiontial datefriends...

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